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Safeguarding and preserving biodiversity is a goal that concerns us all

More about the habitat tree

In the course of the worldwide, but also regional species loss, habitat trees play an increasingly important role - especially in public areas.

Unfortunately, trees are often cut down hastily nowadays, even though they have a high value, especially on our rare green surfaces.

Due to our daily land consumption of over 60 ha, there is also an increasing lack of old and thick trees on our green surfaces with intentional structures such as caves, cracks, rotting spots, bracket fungi and decomposed wood structures.

This lack can partially be eliminated by establishing habitat trees.

With its structures, a habitat tree offers valuable retreat possibilities, but above all habitat niches that are essential for survival for species which are imperatively dependent on such micro biotopes with their respective characteristics.

Not all animals can cover large distances by flight or on foot. The ever-increasing urban sprawl and the use of natural areas make it difficult or impossible for some species to reproduce elsewhere if their ecological sphere is taken away from them.

Without the establishment of habitat trees with consistent development or acquisition of land from nature, biodiversity faces an unmanageable task.

It is therefore up to the various decision-makers in public areas to establish resting places here that guarantee a permanent refuge for species in need of protection.
Nature cannot stand up for itself here.

It is not a big effort for you, but a great contribution to biodiversity. –HABITAT TREE – for biodiversity & habitats!

A project for you and for generations to come. Help to preserve biodiversity!

Your tree expert
Daniela Antoni

Habitatbaum Schild
To recognize the effect of nature, and to recognize the relationship that human activity must have with it: that is the goal.
Habitatbaum Schild

A project for you and for generations to come.
Help to preserve biodiversity!

But how can more biodiversity be implemented with a habitat tree?
Find out what lies inside a habitat tree!

Every minute there are new crisis reports on all channels.

Heat records and the general increase of extreme weather events here, the disappearance of 150 species daily from our planet there. The major crises of our time, "climate change" and "species loss," are now being used so inflationary that many have already come to terms with them.
Change needs clarification. But what contribution can we make locally to change the world?
We'll tell you!
This is not about another sustainability call without concrete assistance, but rather about the question, what are the possibilities in our local sphere of impact to act ACTIVELY in the sense of nature?
"Sustainability means: can one continue in the long run as one is doing today? If you can't, then it's not sustainable."

Anselm Görres, Forum Ecological-Social Market Economy

Resident of a commune: Rhinoceros beetle

Looking at the rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis) you know what to expect! The males of the rhinoceros beetle carry a backward curved horn on their head in order to beat conspecifics, in the struggle for the female. I found this specimen in a habitat tree together with a female and the rival. Male European rhinoceros beetle Male specimens like the one up here in the picture are about t...

Resident of a commune: Gold-shining rose beetle

Surely each of us has seen him before and the award “Insect of the Year”, given to him in 2000, certainly contributed to his popularity: The Golden Shining Rose Beetle (Cetonia aurata). With its iridescent optics it inspires large and small, and I also find it incredibly engaging, which is why it often lands in front of my lens. The colouration of rose beetles is very variable and with a size ...

Added value through more information!

The purpose of this blog is to generate added value...However, I also need your help to do this, because I would like to respond specifically to conflicts of interest. What are their main issues on site and what problems arise from the interface’s citizen-community-tree-nature conservation? In future, my intention will be to publish articles here that highlight specific issues and address them...
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