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The preservation of habitat trees is an important task that must have a place in urban planning.

As a treasure trove of biodiversity, selected trees can grow old and thus ensure the preservation of biodiversity in built-up areas - without much effort.

Unfortunately, trees are often cut down hastily nowadays, although they have a high value especially on our rare green spaces.
If a tree can no longer be preserved in public spaces after being checked for traffic safety, it can be preserved as a designated habitat tree by appropriate pruning.

With the tree torso, which is only a few meters high, we thus secure a valuable habitat for wood-dwelling species that are dependent on old tree structures.

The measure is an arboricultural alternative to felling and serves to preserve and promote biodiversity in the course of the daily increase in land encroachment.

However, leaving tree torsos in place can lead to conflicts of interest, as aesthetic appeal is lost via radical pruning. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages:

Diseased trees do not need to be replaced. With crown pruning for public safety, they can be left as a tree torso for several more years.
No replanting, no watering concept, hardly any follow-up costs, and yet a safe and (traffic) worthy tree remains, which offers added value on various levels.

Habitat tree
New planting
  • You can cost-effectively preserve diseased trees that are weakening in the course of climate change but need to be secured.
  • You increase awareness of the local population in case of larger intervention measures on trees that characterise the townscape.
  • You show a transparent, nature conservation and environmental policy positioning.
  • You prevent possible conflicts due to a lack of transparency and ensure acceptance.
  • You act proactively in the interest of nature conservation at a time when action is essential
  • You create habitat islands to ensure biodiversity and set a good example by creating public awareness and providing information
Personalised signs
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Design for signs of your choice

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You will receive 2 digital designs with logos and/or slogans provided by you to choose from. The design costs are one-time only and the personalised signs can be ordered afterwards, at any time, at the 'normal' price in your design.

If you are interested in personalised signs, please contact me directly, and we will discuss the further procedure.

A damaged tree is worth more in its multiple functions than a replanting, and even more than a felling.

This knowledge must be put into practice.

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