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My name is
and I work in my own professional office as a tree expert.

I assist cities, municipalities, and all other tree owners in becoming involved in local biodiversity conservation.

For over 10 years, I have been helping you, the tree owner, preserve trees to promote and preserve local biodiversity and provide transparency for local citizens.

I am pleased that I have already been allowed to take a stand for the preservation of habitat trees in the local press, as well as nationally on Deutschlandfunk. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (Frankfurt's local Sunday newspaper) also gave me the front page of the science section to raise awareness for the importance of old trees in public areas. I very much hope to be able to convince you, too, to give your sick trees a second life.

In my daily work with my clients, I often experience that trees are cut down long before their time, resulting in the loss of important habitats that are vital to the survival of many species, some of which are endangered.
I also know exactly how you feel when old trees become diseased and protests from the population threaten.

Safe trees do not always have to be associated with high costs, and it must be clear that felling, solely for reasons of cost and positive functions for the citizens, is hardly sustainable in times of current crises.

As a studied forest scientist and forest ecologist, I have therefore further developed a means of communication that has proven its worth in the field of municipal nature conservation in recent years.

The designation of habitat trees to educate and promote nature conservation in public areas and to solve problems that cause hardships for you as a responsible person again and again.

Through my doing, I want to achieve that your actions on site can be explained better and that it becomes clear that topped trees have a right to exist and with you, new life moves in.

The preservation of a diseased tree and thus the establishment of a habitat tree is almost always the better alternative...

The old tree as oxygen producer, as air filter, as an ecological insect hotel and as a traffic-safe alternative in times of climate change, is an important ecological positioning for our fragile relationship with the environment.

The rapidly shrinking biodiversity, which we owe to building and sealing, must actively be stopped and promoted.

Give new life to your “urban green” and put a lot of emphasis on species protection with HABITAT TREES in your area.

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