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Hello dear arborists! (:

I know how you feel when you have to prune the crown or can only leave a torso because of the traffic safety obligation.

In the worst case it falls back on your professional work, and it is difficult to communicate why this was necessary, and the habitus was lost.

Especially for us players in the green sector, I am very pleased that the sign offers a way out of this dilemma, which also guarantees added value.

Professionalism means to make clear why felling is usually the worst alternative for a veteran tree and why with a habitat tree there is a chance for a second life as an urban tree.

personalised habitat tree sign

I hope you will support the project "Support your local habitat tree"... with me...

Personalised Signs
for your city, town or company

Design for signs of your choice

2 digital designs

45,00 €

You will receive 2 digital designs with logos and/or slogans provided by you to choose from. The design costs are one-time only and the personalised signs can be ordered afterwards, at any time, at the 'normal' price in your design.

If you are interested in personalised signs, please contact me directly, and we will discuss the further procedure.
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